Outsourcing Solutions


Building a company or organization requires a concerted administrative effort to implement a well-defined marketing strategy. When a marketing strategy is successful, a business grows. When a business grows, there is a need for additional employees. This is where most companies and organizations get stuck. In a highly volatile global economy where fierce competition is normal daily routine, every dollar must be spent wisely. And let’s face it. Working capital is something that most companies do not have enough of.

The cost to hire and maintain an employee is expensive. With expanding federal employment regulations and mandatory health benefits, necessary training, supervision, and added managerial oversight, hiring even a single employee can be a great burden on an employer. The revenues necessary to add a full-time employee who is skilled in almost any of the skilled labor positions that a growing company needs like that of advertising, marketing, sales, technology, and customer service is just under $100 thousand. With competition in the marketplace being greater than it has ever been, being able to do this is not an easy task. This is why offshore outsourcing solutions are such an ideal marriage to modern business.

It All Comes Down to the Cost of Doing Business…

Growing a business means increasing sales and adding staff to adequately support your increased sales. Adding employees means a financial investment to find, hire, train, manage, and pay for each employee that is hired. Unfortunately for most businesses, workman’s compensation insurance, increased employment taxes, government mandated healthcare, and a highly competitive marketplace, keep most small businesses and organizations from being able to hire more employees. This is why using outsourcing services is such a great idea, and it is becoming increasingly popular among savvy business owners.

Prior to the wide spread use of the Internet and advances in technology, if you wanted to grow your staff, you had to hire new employees. Not anymore. Today, most ever large company in the world uses offshore outsourcing to meet their work force needs. Banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, technology companies, automotive companies, product manufacturers – you name it – all use outsourcing to keep the cost of doing business low enough to stay in business.

Indeed, most every thriving business (or business that wants to thrive) is rethinking their company growth strategy and how to meet their growing need for qualified staff.  The most popular option is now that of outsourcing any staff position that does not require having a staff member on location in order to fulfill the staffing need required.

Before you consider the hefty investment of adding another employee for marketing, advertising, sales, bookkeeping, technology, website development or administration, or even customer service and support, TALK WITH US. Let us show you how outsourcing some of your staff needs can dramatically reduce your cost of doing business and allow you to be more competitive.