Seventy percent (70%) of everyone that gets into network marketing will either fail or at best just barely pay for the monthly cost of staying active in their network marketing business opportunity. Another twenty-seven percent (27%) will make a very average income, but not enough to leave their full time job and still maintain their present level of income.  ONLY THREE PERCENT (3%) of all those who get involved in network marketing or direct sales, whether online or not, will earn enough money to leave their full time employment and live significantly above their present level of income on long-term basis.

Sounds like a dismal scenario, doesn't it? Yet these statistics come as no surprise to most insiders in the industry since this is a fairly well-known statistic among network marketing professionals. If you want to be in the 3% of those who get wealthy through network marketing, then learning the network marketing success steps and what the pros do should be your top priority.  There is just no way around it.

This knowledge is especially known among those who DO make money in the industry. But what might surprise you is why only 3% percent of those who get involved succeed and ninety-five percent of them fail.  Simply put, achieving network marketing Success is rooted in that of learning the network marketing success action steps and what the pros do to be successful - and then making a commitment to do it.

Success in network marketing is not founded on rocket science. It is not some top secret formula that only a select few know about and don't want to share.  If those leaders in network marketing that are making the serious money in the industry could have any one single wish come true in their network marketing success dreams, it would be that everyone they introduce into their network marketing business would be successful to a point that they could work their network marketing business full time and earn a full time income doing it.

So, what's the reason for so many people failing at network marketing?  It's the same reason why so many people fail at life in general. Are you ready for this? It's the number one reason that every network marketing participant that fails does not want to admit.  It is the lack of taking action!  That is it. It is nothing else. It is not poor training. It is not a bad compensation plan. It is not a bad product that no one wants. It is not the economy, not that no one has money, not that the person marketing the product or service has little or not sales experience. It is plain and simply that they willfully choose NOT to take action on what they know they have to do in order to be successful.

If you are still reading this, it means that you are one of two types of people.  You are someone that is involved in network marketing and making a boat load of money, and hoping to learn something new that can help you even more; or, you are a person involved in network marketing that is struggling to figure out how you are going to make your network marketing business work for you instead of you working for it. You might even be someone that is considering getting into a network marketing business and really don't want to waste time once you do, so you are researching the 'how tos' of being successful in this type of industry.  Whatever the reason you are here and still reading this, here is what you want to learn to apply to your weekly schedule in network marketing, and what you want to teach others that you introduce to the network marketing industry.

Remember the reason I just mentioned a moment ago for the most number of failures in the network marketing industry? The lack of action? Well, at the core of this reason is the harsh reality of the sin of procrastination.  When a person lacks a sense of vision for what they are doing or lacks a belief in themselves that they can be as successful as anyone else, they will find every form of excuse and rationale as to why they can't take action on those things that are important for their success. Ultimately, this mindset robs the very people who need a financial breakthrough in their lives the most of the ability to succeed as they were meant to.

If you are involved in either a network marketing business or a direct selling business, and are presently struggling with the lack of daily action in your business goals, there is hope for you. Here are some immediate action steps you can implement immediately, both in your daily life, as well as two that you can apply on a weekly basis in your present network marketing or direct selling business. If you begin to implement them into your daily routine in the next week, you will begin to see the tide changing for the better as it concerns your success in your business. The more you apply these action steps on a daily basis, and the two weekly steps on a consistent weekly basis, the greater your opportunity to succeed will become. And eventually, you will not be able to stop the ultimate positive affect of their influence on your success.

DAILY ACTION STEPS (3 hours per day total)

  • BECOME A SERVANT AND HELPER - (30 minutes) - Help one person with a personal need that is totally unrelated to your business opportunity, whether that assistance is in talking to them, listening to them, doing some act of kindness for them, or going out of your way to help them, where your action in helping them will allow them to be more successful in their personal or public life. This builds your personal brand as someone who is interested in more than just making money off everyone you meet.
  • INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO PEOPLE - (30 minutes) - People are your source for prospects, so it stands to reason that the more people you get to know, the more possible prospects you have. Spend30 minutes each day meeting new people. With social media being so powerful as it is, this is easily done online through your favorite social media network.  I do however strongly recommend that you engage people in the things they like to do, i.e. sports, entertainment, family, work, school, church, synagogue or mosque. Physical contacts are much more likely to be open and trusting of you than those you meet online who have no idea or understanding of who you are. In those cases, you must work to build the "KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST" factor with them through ongoing communications electronically. Because most people lack the skill and tools necessary to be successful at Internet marketing, this can be a serious setback and lesson in frustration and futility if they attempt to 'wing it' doing drive by sales pitches to the masses of people they run across online. In most cases, this sort of conduct will get a person's profile terminated by the social media network.  This is especially true with Facebook.
  • BUILD RELATIONSHIPS - (30 minutes) - Take 30 minutes a day and get to know the people you have met either in the past or recently through your life and your daily activities. Relationship building is so important in life.  The better our relationships are, the greater our opportunities are for personal success (intellectual, emotional, physical, and material).  Don't rush the relationship building process. Remember, prospecting is like that of filling a pipeline that carries oil to a refinery. The more you pump into it, the greater production you will have by the time the oil is refined. Also remember that it takes time to get to know people and for them to get to know you (Know, Like, and Trust factor).  When someone knows you, they will most often like you (that is if you are a likeable person).  When a person likes you, they tend to trust you.  Once they trust you, they become more open to what you have to say and what you have to offer; and, once they know what you do, they will most likely want to do business with you over someone else that they don't know.  Relationships make the difference. Learn how to build healthy and lasting relationships and you will find that success will chase you down and tackle you in life.  Learning to do this online in a systematic automated way can be very powerful. Yes, I said automated. Do you know that you can build relationships in an automated fashion? Doing this online as a result of having taken the time to get to know people you meet on social media networks - enough to discover their needs and desires - will save you a lot of time meeting people for coffee or tea as you are attempting to prospect.
  • COMMUNICATE WITH THE WORLD - (30 minutes) - Email, call, or text at least five (5) qualified prospects - those who you have previously spoken to about your opportunity - each day with at least one fact about or reason why they would benefit from being involved in your opportunity.  A prospect needs to know you are serious and excited, because it will be that commitment and enthusiasm that will motivate them once they are involved. They need to be taught why it would be good for them to be involved, and why you want them to work with you in building their business with you. Remember that the average individual who makes a purchase from a sales representative in direct sales is contacted five times on average by the sales representative before they make a buying decision. Keep the communications short and to the point, informative, and with an invite or call to action to look closer at what you are doing. (15 minutes)
  • ASK FOR A PROSPECT'S HELP - (15 minutes)  Spend 15 minutes a day asking those you have gotten to know over time (whether a week, month or year) aksing  prospects for their help.  As you get to know people and win their trust, it will be a natural thing in conversation to talk about what you do for a living or for work.  When the subject comes up, do not act like a maniac on steroids and jump into 'used car salesman mode' or else you will lose both credibility and favor with your prospect!  After they have asked you what you do, give them a 60 second overview of the benefits of what you offer and who is most suited for what you offer, then ask them with every bit of sincerity within you, "Would you be willing to look at what I am doing and then suggest a hand full of people that you know who might fully appreciate what I am offering that I could contact about it, and use your name as being the person who thought they might be interested?"  This 'reverse prospect qualification' technique is a powerful, but is a little used sales technique that can explode your business. It builds your prospect list while at the same time positioning the prospect you have just asked the question to for wanting to get involved and capitalize on the positive response that his referrals have had towards your business opportunity. I have seen this in action first hand and by observation and seen 25 or thirty people end up getting sponsored in less than a days time. Use it and be patient in the process - even if it takes you a week to follow up on the leads you have been given.
  • SHARE YOUR OPPORTUNITY - (15 minutes) - Now a days sharing your business opportunity is as easy as inviting someone to watch a powerpoint presentation or video on your computer, or simply referring them to your opportunities replicated website. Share your business opportunity with at least one person face to face, by telephone, Skype, video conferencing, through a webinar or through a direct invite to visit your replicated website where your business opportunity is presented.  Once a person has been exposed, they are a "knowing prospect" meaning that they have the knowledge of what you are doing. Now you must give them understanding about it. This can take as little as a munute or as long as a month of answering questions, revisiting the benefits to them, and revealing the opportunity in a new way.  By the way, this step is a compement of the 'reverse prospect qualification' technique.
  • EDUCATE THE WORLD - (30 minutes) - Spend 30 minutes a day educating the world about the benefits of what you have to offer. This could be ideally done through a personally hosted Website where you have a blog or article repository.  I have found that if you educate someone enough about something that is beneficial to them, that unless they have a personal problem with you in particular, they will find it natural to want to learn even more and give serious consideration to what you are doing.  Knowledge is power.  Educate people into success.

WEEKLY ACTION STEPS (Time dependent on methods utilized)

  • Attend a training meeting whether online or physically to learn from others, and to teach others.  In ever instance that you do, invite at least one individual to join you who is in your business opportunity education collecting pipeline. This builds depth of understanding in what you are doing by both learning/being encouraged, and teaching/encouraging.
  • Plan and do one online webinar presentation per week for 5 individuals who have not been exposed to your business opportunity, but have said they would like to learn more. These small online meetings are easy and fun to do; and you can even invite your sponsor or someone in your up-line to do it for you. You need only host it. (If you need a good web conferencing tool, check out the free solution offered by GVO Hosting.  This particular web cast room solution is very easy to set up and to invite people to. It lets you do video, powerpoint, audio, chat, and gives you the ability to record your webinar for future publication. If you feel awkward in doing your first webinar, ask someone with experience in your up-line to do it for you and you simply host it by introducing him or her to your participants. This is a great way to learn and to build confidence.
  • Plan and do one online Webinar training session a week for your immediate personally sponsored downline on the latest training and recruitment techniques that the leaders in your business are using. The first one you do should be with those you are closest to and work with the most who respect you and understand that you are learning just like they are. It is a great way to lead by example, and a great way to build confidence into the lives of others that participate as you call on them to share their experiences and success stories.
  • These Action Points listed above are proven and time tested, and used by the world's most financially successful network marketing and direct sales professionals; and they are not at all difficult to do. The KEY however is to TAKE ACTION on them, whether you ease into it by doing just one of the daily Action Steps each day for a week and then the following week add another, then the next week after that add another, until you are consistently doing all of these on a daily basis.

The same goes with the weekly Action Steps. IF YOU have something that you personally do that you have found helpful and financially successful that has allowed you to break free from procrastination and to take action, please share it with our readers here in the comments section below. And, if you know others in either network marketing or direct sales, and you have the time, PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE with your followers on your favorite social media networks, like Twitter or FaceBook. Let’s help others realize their personal and financial goals together. Thanks!

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