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Having your own domain name is a must!

Having your own domain name is a must!

Nothing happens on the Internet without domain names. Domain names are the virtual real estate of a global virtual world known as the World Wide Web. This virtual world is where 21st century businesses who want to become and remain competitive in the marketplace MUST have a notable presence. Whether your business is a brick and mortar business or not, having your own website is an imperative if you want to keep a flow of new customers coming to your business and you want to keep your competition from taking your existing customers.

When you have a web presence, it tells your customers that you are in touch with change, you care about their needs, and you want to meet their needs. In fact, having a personally hosted website is one of the first earmarks of a company that is customer focused and pro-active in meeting the needs of your customers. People no longer ask, “do you have a website,” but “what is your website’s address?” It does not matter if you are an individual seeking to build a personal brand in the professional community or a business that desires to remain competitive, you must have your own web presence if you want to be taken seriously in the 21st century.

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