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bank_vault1When you think of security and where your personal possessions would be the safest, what do you think of first. Of course. We all think of a bank vault. They are traditionally the best place in the world to keep your valuables safe. When it comes to the virtual world of the Internet where personal information is often shared consumers with online businesses, the best way to protect this information is by using a SSL certificate. When you do, it is like Fort Knox – the place that the US government keeps their gold.

In fact, if you have any sort of online presence and plan to collect personally identifiable information from the general public, you are required by law to have protective measures in place to securely protect the exchange of this sort of information, i.e. full names, birth dates, social security numbers, credit card information, addresses, etc. SSL certificates enable browsers and Web servers to build a secure encrypted connection between a website and those who visit, share information, or make purchases on a website.

Why Choose ITfamilyGroup SSL Certificates?

SSL certificates encrypt names, addresses, passwords, account and credit card numbers so that hackers and online criminals can’t read them. Our SSL certificates serve as electronic “passports” for visitors and customers, and provide them with a bank vault for the transfer and storage of their personal information. An SSL certificate also establishes your website’s authenticity and credibility so that people can feel safe visiting, leaving their information, and making purchases on your website.

There are lots of reasons that you should make certain that your website has an SSL certificate assigned to it. The most important one to remember is that you are required by law to protect all personally identifiable information you receive from your visitors or customers. Here are some great reasons why purchasing one of our SSL certificates is a smart move.


  • Our SSL certificates are fully validated and let website visitors know that your website is fully protected.
  • They provide up to 256-bit bank standard encryption.
  • Our security certificates are valid up to 5 years (depending on certificate type).
  • Our SSL certificates have 99% browser recognition worldwide.
  • We use a highly stringent authentication process.
  • You receive 24/7 customer support when you purchase one of our security certificates.
  • Our SSL certificates come with a warranty that protects you for up to $250,000.
  • Our SSL certificates cover an unlimited number of servers (other Certification Authorities charge for every server).
  • Our SSL certificates provide the same type of ironclad, corporate-class security as our competitors, but for up to 90% less than you’ll pay elsewhere!

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