Content That Gets Noticed

Copywriting is the art, science, and psychology of the language arts that is focused on writing content that engages and influences readers to take a specific action intended by the writer. Whether it is copywriting for website content, mailing campaign, public relations or scripting for a video, if you are going to market anything – you, your business, organization or cause – online, there is nothing as important as quality content. 

ITfamilyGroup provides businesses, writers and entrepreneurs the kind of copywriting services that gets people, companies, and causes noticed. we help tell your story and connect with your ideal audience and clients. We excel at online marketing strategy through highly optimized content targeting the specific audience that you want to reach. If you do not have highly skilled marketing professionals on staff, ITfamilyGroup’s copywriting service is the perfect solution for getting the best return on your investment in marketing. Here are some of the most important services we can offer you:

  • Highly optimized website content for your informational website
  • Blog development coaching that will have new prospects flocking to your business
  • Ghostwriting for the busy executive that needs to keep content flowing but does not have the time to do so
  • Email campaign development that builds the KNOW-LIKE-TRUST factor necessary to make new customers and keep existing customer coming back
  • Social media page renovation for greater impact
  • Social media page content management
  • Social media page marketing and analytics
  • Blog content development
  • Public relations strategy and campaigns
  • Content editing for maximum effectiveness

Sometimes You Really Do Need a Professional

Good content also captures the attention of and engages the reader who finds it. Both of these will increase traffic to your website. Without them, you will struggle compete for the potential business that is available in your market.  No amount of fluff, or bells and whistles on your website can cause a person to want to remain on your website if there is nothing of substance on it. This is why having content that is relevant and engaging to the reader is so important. When it comes to building your brand, content is king.

Copywriters make their living writing. It is their passion. They would almost rather write than talk sometimes, because this is where they shine the brightest. They know how to use the written language arts effectively, and say what needs to be said in order to get someone’s attention.  Content copywriters are typically well-read and have a wide knowledge base of information on wide range of subject matter.  They are typically well-spoken intellectuals who are creative in the way they present things.

FACTOID:  Content that is not highly optimized for search engines and for capturing the attention of visitors or customers on your website serves no purpose other than to fill a page.  If you want to build your personal or business brand online, you must have well-written content that is optimized for search engines.

Copywriters Understand the Sales Process Copywriters understand the sales process well, and the psychology behind the sales process.  Website owners seeking to generate new customer sales can save months of frustrating online marketing and sales campaigns by having effective content.  This is why smart website owners hire copywriters for their core content and the underlying message that they want to get across to every visitor. Copywriters have a great understanding of how to do this and capture the attention of the listening or reading audience.

Copywriters are sales-minded individuals. They bring objectivity to the writing process, being able to put themselves in the seat of the reading or listening audience of your website. Good copywriters intuitively know what the audience needs to hear in order for them to make a further commitment to your website when the time comes to capturing their personal information; and without the personal information of your visitors, you cannot control the relationship with them, and ultimately make them a satisfied customer.

Our copywriters know how to take information about your company and what you have to say, and mold it into the kind of content that gets results!

If you are not trained in creative writing with an emphasis on search engine optimization and lead conversion copy techniques, we recommend that you find one fast if you want to get your website noticed on the World Wide Web in front of your competitors.  Whether you are targeting a local audience or a global one, you must have quality content that sets your website apart from your competition.
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