E-Commence Solutions


E-Commerce Solutions

It is no longer possible for companies who want to be successful in expanding their business market to be without an e-commerce solution to complement their brick and mortar business model. Equally, if you are a company that is making a determined effort to take your business to the world via the World Wide Web, you cannot afford to be without a dynamic e-commerce strategy.

ITfamilyGroup can provide you with every aspect of your e-commerce needs; from developing a marketing strategy to design; content driven sales to shopping cart and security solutions; channel marketing and partnering consulting to full site administration and maintenance. We offer it all, and at a fraction of the cost you might think you would have to pay.

Security is a part of any affective e-commerce solution. E-commerce without effective security protocols is like having a convenience store without wall or a drop box to safeguard the money that you collect while doing business. As recent news coverage about the theft of millions of personal identity files have left most e-commerce sites feeling somewhat insecure in how they will protect both their website as well as their online customer databases, ITfamilyGroup has never been more excited about our e-commerce security solutions to protect websites and the customers of websites alike.

Let’s face it; there is a lot of sensitive information associated with most e-commerce sites that are now at risk of serious security breaches and damage due to a rise in a well organized criminal element who make their living preying on companies and consumers alike that use the World Wide Web. We deliver e-commerce security solutions that enable web service transactions and server-based applications to work seamlessly and safely for you and your customers. From simple online ordering systems and shopping cart needs to more complicated B2B systems, we have your solution.