Mobile Friendly Websites

There is a rapidly moving paradigm shift in how people access the Internet. If your business or organization is not ready and able to make the shift effectively, you will not survive. Mobile friendly access to your website or portal is mandatory. Your business WILL become antiquated and you WILL cease to be relevant as a reputable entity.

Mobile technology is opening up a vast new markets worldwide. Website owners wanting to capitalize on the growth of the mobile revolution must take action if they don’t want to be overrun by competitors. The need to have your website modified to be accessible by smart phones is now an imperative and not an option as it was only a few years ago.

Researchers predict that with the present rate of mobile device use by consumers, by 2017, 222.9 million Americans will use mobile devices to access the Internet and 4.77 billion consumers worldwide.  Is this the kind of potential market you have at your fingertips, if you want it. If you do, your website MUST be mobile ready and fully accessible by Internet users – the consumers of the 21st century.

Let us assist you in planning out your online marketing strategy and discuss how having your website mobile device ready can help you in your personal and business success. We would be honored to assist you and become your partner in online marketing success when you are ready. Let’s get started!


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