Every year people all over the world attempt to make  new year resolutions about what they will do differently in their lives in the coming year. They will assess the last year of their life. They will determine what they want to change in their lives.  Then they will willfully make the necessary changes in order to see the positive results they want.

quote-success-stepsYet, there are people who refuse to think they are not being successful in life. They will live out another entire year doing the same things they have always done, making the same excuses they have always made (in various forms), and they will be almost in the same exact place they are today - a year from now. If you don't want to be one of this second group of people, here are eight things to remember in order to find certain success when you make your next set of resolutions

1) DO NOT allow yourself to stay con tent with any bad habits you have.

2) Choose to take the necessary steps in your attitude to get to where you want to be.

3) Learn what you need to learn. Knowledge is power.

4) Gain the knowledge and understanding of how to use it . Do not be afraid to ask for the help you need. Surround yourself with people that you can gain the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom from. You need these to ensure your lasting success.

5) be on the constant lookout for opportunity. Remember that wit's great opportunity, there most often comes great challenge. Never never be afraid to step out and try something new or different if those things will help you get closer to your dream, goal, or fulfilling your vision.

6) Remember that fear is the killer of faith. You will be met with that ugly creature called fear if you are attempting to make a difference in the world. Don't back down from what you know to be something worthwhile for fear of failing, or worse, for fear of what people will think of you if you do.

7) Everyone who has been highly successful in life has failed equally as much. It is just a part of life. Just remember that failure is not a final destination. It is only a temporary setback and an educational experience along the road towards success. Don't be afraid to fail.

8) Believe in your dreams. Expect your success to come as you pursue those things you need to do - no matter how small the steps are that you take each day.

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