Whether your marketing initiative is focused on Business to Consumer, Business to Business, or Peer to Peer, you must remain actively in front of those you want to sell to. This reality was before the Internet and this reality will not change. Today, business marketing through smart phones is taking off in the same way that business marketing  through the Internet took off.

In a nutshell, if you want to tap into a billion prospects for what you want to promote or market, converting your website to display and operate correctly on smart phones is a mandate.


The new norm for doing business

Remember how the Internet just exploded about five years ago? I mean, it was pretty big before five years ago, but there was a rapid change in the mentality of consumers that brought the Internet into the explosive industry it has become. Millions of people are making substantial fortunes through Internet technology and consumers could not be happier with the ability to quickly research, shop, buy, and make money online.
This phenomenon has begun to be energized by an even greater growth rate today of smart phone technology. Smart phone technology allows consumers to access and surf the Internet from their phone. The ability to bring the Internet and every convenience it offers to a person's smart phone is rapidly catching up with mainstream Internet users too.
Accessing the Internet by smart phone is now becoming the rule and not the exception as bandwidth cost continues to drop, and smartphone pricing plans become more affordable as a result. Business marketing through smartphones is a must for every business that wants to remain highly competitive in their market sector.
Smart phone sales for just the I-phone and Android phone are expected to hit one billion phones sold worldwide by the end of 2012. Think about that for a moment. One billion people - about 1 out of every 7 people in the world own a phone that can access the Internet. These consumers are the new web surfer and a whole new market for businesses and organizations to benefit from.

Those who want to remain competitive in the 21st century must include a mobile accessible website into their marketing strategy.


How to know if your website is accessible

The best way to see if your website is accessible from a mobile device is to view it from a mobile device. If you haven't already done so, take a moment and access your website from a smart phone. If it doesn't display easily and is not easy to navigate, consider modifying your site for mobile display. This is a bare minimum for you if you want to compete in the 21st century online or offline.
Making your website accessible from smart phones and other mobile devices should be a top priority in your marketing efforts. The novelty of it and the all time high percentage of users who are comfortable with making buying decisions via smart phones and the Internet makes it an ideal marketing opportunity for those who are smart enough to take notice and act.

Action steps for marketing success to smart phone consumers

#1) Get your own website up if you don't already have one. This is an important start to positioning yourself or your company online to compete in the 21st century,

#2) View your website via a smart phone to see how it is viewed by the world. Assess its accessibility by navigating round your site to be sure that it is a functional website for smart phone users.

#3) Consider contracting with a web development and technology solutions provider and getting your website built and/or modified to reach the world smart phone market. If you have a website that cannot be easily converted, consider having a second website built that is totally smartphone accessible, where you can provide the information about you or your business successfully to smart phone users, and where you can easily capture their contact information for future marketing initiatives.

If you need a website or you need your present website to be compatible with smart phone users worldwide, consider allowing ITfamilyGroup.com assist you.  Write today at coachme [at] itfamilygroup.com and put "smart phone ready website" in the subject line so that your email will be routed to the right individual who can best assist you.

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