Those businesses that remain in business over the long term are businesses that have a coherent marketing strategy that drives their day to day marketing efforts. Every well thought out marketing strategy includes an analysis for every prospective demographic that a product or service would be ideal for in marketing too. One such demographic that every business or professional marketer should seriously consider is that of moms. The statistics don't lie. Your marketing strategy must include moms. Here's why.

There are approximately 82.5 million mothers in the United States alone. Moms make up approximately 44% of the women's market in the United States. You can probably imagine that if you are going to market anything online and it had no international barriers, that having a product or service that specifically targets moms would be a pretty good idea. Check out these statistics:

  • 47% of spending on clothing is made by moms
  • 48% of all spending on home furnishings are made by moms
  • 49% of all spending on health & beauty aids are made by moms.
  • 51% of all food purchases are made by moms, and
  • 55% of all spending on consumer electronics, believe it or not, are made by moms

Don't have anything that you think you could market to a mom? If not, start brain storming about what you could market to them. Moms are very loyal customers. Once they find a company that they like, they tend to stick with that company because they value good customer service. Still can't think of anything that a mom would want to buy from you, and don't see that happening? Here is one last statistic that you surely should never forget as you move forward in your business strategy.

  • 80% of all consumer purchases in general are made by women

As you work to build and/or refine your marketing strategy going forward, give serious consideration to what you can do to tap into this very loyal and substantially large potential market. If you are struggling with coming up with something, consider hiring a business marketing strategy coach who can best help you to develop and/or refine your marketing strategy.

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