Those who know me well, know that I seldom actively promote a 'business opportunity.' If you visit any of the websites I own or manage, you won't find obnoxious advertisements, pop-up ads or videos about business opportunities on any of the websites I own. It's just not how I choose to do business.  This said, I can't keep this company a secret any longer.  I found a company that I feel is worth breaking my own rules to personally endorse because of my own experience with them.

A Little Backstory

Information Highway Gold RushI have been doing online marketing since 1997 since I built my first hack job of a website to market direct mail marketing products and services. It was so long ago that if you wanted to sell something online, people had to send you a check or money order to buy your product or service. I don't think anyone had any idea of what the future would hold for the internet. Like most of us who were around on the internet at that time doing Internet marketing, we were all clueless about what was to come in the coming decade. It was the infancy of the gold rush on the Information highway. And, everyone who had a clue about it was making money. As this gold rush evolved, like everything that is good, the competition increased. And, to this day, as the internet is beginning to grow out of its infancy, competition to use the internet to make money remains on the increase.

Ten years into my love of the internet, I realized that as a techno-idiot, I needed some marketing muscle if I was to stay out in front of the pack. After an extensive search for a comprehensive suite of tools, I found just one company out of the several reputable companies I researched that could meet every need I had for marketing my brick and mortar businesses, and my online marketing interests. I needed better tools to generate qualified leads that could convert into loyal customers. I also needed the right tools to be proactive in keeping my existing customers from being stolen away by competitors.

My Find

What I found for all of my online needs was what amounted to a common sense choice for any individual or small business who wants to effectively promote themselves online - whether locally or globally. If you are open to the idea of more successfully marketing yourself or your company online, and building an additional source of passive residual income in the process, and you have a few minutes to read this overview, I believe you will benefit from this article.

My find, Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO), has a 20 year track record in providing web hosting services and online marketing tools which are absolutely necessary if you want to succeed online. Whether you are just getting started in marketing you or your business online, or you are a seasoned online marketing professional, the powerful marketing tools, hosting services and free coaching that you are provided are with out a doubt the very best and most powerful combination of services and opportunity that has come along that even an average individual with no online marketing or business experience can be successful at. What makes GVO a company worth partnering with?

The choice to use GVO for my business and marketing needs were four-fold.

1. Unlimited domain hosting under one hosting account for on low monthly price. The first reason GVO is so worth looking at is that when you choose to partner with GVO, you get a hosting service that allows you to host as many domains as you want to under a single inexpensive hosting account. Whether you have one Website or you have thirty Websites, you can host them all under one hosting account. Think about that for a moment - one hosting account that allows you to host as many of your own domain names (Websites) on it as you want.

2. The right to resell hosting and keep 100% of the profits. Not only can you host your own Websites through your hosting account, but you are given the right to offer hosting as a reseller through your hosting account. This allows you to host other Websites for people and keep 100% of the profits, whether you sell your hosting for $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, or $50.00 a month. You keep one-hundred percent (100%) of the profits from it.

How many of your friends would like to have their own Website, and be willing to host through you over someone they don't know? Is there anyone that needs hosting that you know of that would not want to host with you if you could offer them the same service as any other company, but provide them with personalize friendly service on a first name basis? This is a no brainer. The best part of all of this is that the way the company is incentive driven, you are able to get your service absolutely free if you like "free".

3. Free online marketing tools to promote your business. You get a comprehensive suite of absolutely 'must have' online marketing tools and website enhancement tools.

  • Unlimited autoresponder email system. This is a suite of email marketing and auto responder tools that allow you to fully automate your marketing and sale process if you want to put it in auto pilot. Just set it up, turn it on, and go surfing (or whatever else you like to do)!  Similar systems cost you as much as $200.00 a month.
  • Easy video producer and integrated video hosting. This is an all-in-one complete video production tool that allows you to make, edit, and publish integrated video right into your Website. If you are in any type of business that needs to have proactive communication with your customers or the buying public, or you need to get your message out to the world on the internet, this is a must have tool you cannot afford to be without if you want to compete in the twenty-first century.  If you want to keep your visitors, supporters, or customers on board with what you have to offer or what you want them to know, video is an essential part of doing this.
  • Complete video marketing system. Video marketing is the new standard for online promotions, marketing, and sales. It is mandatory if you want to reach and engage your market niche. This amazing tool, in conjunction with GVO's automated email marketing system is without any doubt, the most important part of your overall personal or business brand building strategy.
  • Full audio and video Webinar and Conferencing system. These tools allow you to conduct training, teach, collaborate, promote, and sell.  One of the fastest growing, hottest money making businesses on the Internet is doing Webinars. Whether you just want to use it to get your friends or family together that are scattered around the world, or you want to promote what you have to offer in the way of valuable tools, information, products or services, the GVO conferencing system is the perfect and cutting edge tool to do it with.
  • Downtime and Website Change Monitoring and Spying Software. Ever wondered what your competitors were up to on their Websites? This tool is the perfect solution for doing this. You also get the reseller rights to this software to sell it or give it a way to whomever you want. Software like this rents for $20.00 a month and is sold for as much as $150.00.

4. You are automatically enrolled into the GVO affiliate reseller program. This affiliate program alone positions you in a marketing matrix with other aggressive online marketers who are actively promoting their own network marketing companies to others, but are able to also provide a subsequent income stream to their top producers who are needing online marketing tools like those that are given for free to those who host with GVO.  The links below can take you to where you can learn about the compensation if that interests you. As great as all the free tools are, most people do not join with the intention of marketing the GVO 'business opportunity'.  Developing a passive residual income through GVO just happens naturally.

Still not sure if GVO is a good fit for you or if you are ready to take you online marketing efforts seriously? GVO affiliates offer everyone the ability to try out everything that we have shared with you here for only $1.00US for day test drive. Please feel free to visit our hosting and online marketing tools Website to learn more at Host Then Profit with FamilyDot or Work with David Ward.

If you would like to discuss any of the information shared here, please write me at 'dw at' and I will be back in touch with you momentarily.

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