For a small business to succeed, it must have a quality product that not only the owners of the company believe in, but the employees of the company like and believe in as well.  The power of employee enthusiasm that is demonstrated by company employees that are outside of your marketing department are just as critical in your marketing efforts as those inside it.

Let’s face it.  If your own employees would never buy a product from you, you’re in trouble.  If they are not happy with you or think your products or services are not good for others, they are almost certain to let their dissatisfaction or negative opinions be known to those they come into contact with - like their friends and neighbors for instance.  The powerful nature of enthusiastic employees who believe in and like your products or services will eagerly share their satisfaction and belief in your products or services which translates into massive public appeal.  While your NON-marketing or sales staff may not have the title of marketing rep or sales rep, never underestimate their ability to sell by simply talking in positive ways about their employer, their products, or their services.

When your employees are happy and they truly believe in the products that you offer, they become a walking billboard for satisfaction, for dependability, and for quality products and services of their employer.  Be sure to reward your employees for their enthusiasm about your company, its products or services, and them taking part in talking up their employer.  It will be the best investment you will ever make into your company’s success.

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