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Important Notice: These notices were last updated on November 5, 2017. The content of this page can change without prior notice. Please always check for changes to these Terms and Notices by reviewing them from time to time. We will email important changes of our Notices and Terms to all those on our mailing list as a convenience to them. If you are not on our mailing list, you are still responsible to understand and adhere to our Notices and Terms. Your accessing our website in any way means that you agree to and accept our Notices and Terms and will abide by them.

FTC Notification and Disclosure: Any website owner is required by law to have these legal notices on their website. While it is somewhat laborious to read, we recommend everyone know and understand that basics of what is and is not legal to have on a website, and what sort of rights you have and the website owner has.

We are a for profit website. In the same way that the owner(s) of this Website seek to provide high-quality content for those who visit or frequent our website, whether for our product customers, coaching clients, or members of our community forums, we are seek to be responsible citizens and earn a living so that we can be a part of the solution and not the problem of our present welfare and entitlement-focused culture that is bankrupting the nations who allow for it.

We are completely devoted to helping every customer of our products and services, and every client of our coaching service to be successful, but to do so, we also must be able to be a profitable enterprise. As a part of our dream to see every customer and client of ours become successful in their quest for financial independence, we are constantly working to find and/or develop high quality, relevant, useful, and/or needed products and services that we feel our visitors, subscribers, customers, and/or clients would appreciate, need, and/or find great value in. When we find a product or begin to offer a service, we do so with the hope of not only helping our customers and clients be more successful, but for us to also make a profit. Always assume that when we suggest or offer a product or service, or we refer you to another website, that we do so in the hope of turning a profit in some way - even if it is only a few dollars on a referral for another product or service.

Lastly, we are among the very most affordable of companies like ours on the internet. This is because we are an internet-based company which allows us to keep our pricing very competitive. We still need to make a living though. We are also in the empowerment business. While we do provide some of our business development, web development and marketing services for free to qualifying individuals and organizations, we do so only in dire circumstances when an individual or organization cannot afford to help themselves at the time they need our services. And, we do this only as a way to empower those we offer our services to at deeply discounted rates and/or for free.

We are a Content Rich Internet Destination. We offer a content-rich Website with a wide range of subject matter and we will always strive to provide high quality, accurate, informative, timely, and valuable information and instruction to our visitors, subscribers, forum members, customers, or clients. Because we are fully committed to the highest level of integrity in our relationship with you through our website and beyond, we will never give you any information that we do not fully believe is 100% accurate and true to the very best of our knowledge and belief, about any product or service of any kind - whether ours or someone else’s - that we endorse or promote with the intent to profit from it in any way. As such, you should also ALWAYS assume that when we do make reference to any product or service, or reference to an individual or company offering a product or service, that we are doing it most often for the express purpose of promoting, marketing or selling that product or service, whether it is ours or someone else’s.

Let us clarify that when we recommend a product or service on our Website it is based on our belief that what we are recommending or endorsing will benefit you. We believe this because we have either tried or use the product or service ourselves, or we have thoroughly investigated and researched the company or individual and their product or service PRIOR to our decision to endorse or recommend it to you.

We are only human. It would be wise for you to consider that any product or service that we endorse or sell could be the result of the influence of the potential gain, whether subconsciously or consciously; meaning that we are in business to make money and as such could make an error in judgment in our endorsement or recommendations based on the potential financial gain associated with it. In other words, always assume that there is a material connection between us and the provider(s) of the product and/or services that we market through our Website.

How We Make Our Money, and How You Can Too. Show me the money! We all know that line. Well, since we all have to put food on the table, it’s reasonable enough to assume that anything that can be sold online by us that is in keeping with our values, integrity and general belief system, will be sold online by us. In some cases we make a commission on our sales that are paid by the provider of the product or service we are selling. In other cases, we might have an arrangement where we purchase something wholesale and turn around and sell it at retail. And, still in other cases, we could receive royalties, commission overrides, promotional consideration, complimentary products or services, referral fees for you just clicking on an advertisement or link on our Website, or just flat out get paid in cash money from the provider or you for a sale. The really cool thing is that if you decide you want to give it a go with online marketing, we can quite possibly arrange for you to become an affiliate of ours or our providers and earn commissions for yourself through your own online marketing efforts - AND WE WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO DO IT FOR FREE through our training academy associated with our offerings!


Questions, Comments, Praise or Hate Mail Options. We want your time on our Website to be a blessing and something that enriches your life. At least, this is our goal. In order to do the best job possible, we must in part depend upon our visitors, subscribers, members, customers and clients to give us honest and straightforward feedback. If for any reason you have any questions, comments, praise or complaint with our site or its owners, please do not hesitate in contacting us immediately. Our Customer Success Team is waiting to hear from you.

Copyright Notice. This Website and all of its content - written, visual, graphical, illustrative, coding, programming, and, but not limited to html or scripts, is the property of the ITfamilyGroup. All rights to all content found on this Website are reserved.

No part of this Website may be copied, transmitted, or reproduced in any form by any means both known and/or unknown; nor may it be stored, archived, downloaded or used in any fashion except as it has been intended to be. This notice is to inform you that any use of the content found on this Website without the express written consent/permission of ITfamilyGroup PRIOR to use or dissemination as stated is strictly prohibited by law. If you are interested in using any of it, please contact legal [at] ITfamilyGroup.com with your request.

The temporary caching of this Website from the Internet on a personal computing device for viewing is permissible, but under no condition does this permissive act circumvent the legal responsibility of the viewer, whether a visitor, user, member, affiliate or otherwise, and their responsibility to the prohibitions, terms and warning of this notice.

Notice for Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Outline of Provisions for Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

The United States government has provided recourse to copyright owners for alleged violations of copyright infringements for authors of original works that have been infringed upon (see U.S. Code, Title 17 § 512). This recourse is specific to works that have been infringed upon that are located on the Internet.

If you are the originating author of copyrighted material and believe in good faith your original copyrighted works have been infringed upon, you can contact both the person or entity infringing on your copyright(s) and the designated agent of the Internet service provider (ISP) of a Website where the alleged copyright infringements of your works have been found.

We are committed to full compliance of both United States copyright laws and international trade laws and practices, so if you discover your works have been infringed upon whether through content found on this Website or on any other Website, we urge you to contact the Website owner or the individual who has infringed upon your copyrighted material. Our email for this is: ITfamilyGroup@gmail.com.

If upon your submission of a properly filed complaint as outlined under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and we or our ISP determine your claim is legitimate given the findings of fact in this matter; both we and/or our ISP will make every reasonable effort to block access to the alleged works by the general public that are deemed to be an infringement upon your rights.

Upon our findings in your favor, we and our ISP will forward a copy of your notification of alleged copyright infringement to the infringer. Upon notification to the individual or organization that has allegedly infringed upon your copyrighted work(s), we will allow the party of the alleged copyright infringement who believes they have been wrongfully been filed against to submit a counter notice of copyright to you and the ISP that your Website is hosted on.

Alleged Copyright Infringement Notification Action

If you feel that your original works have been infringed upon, please send DMCA notification of infringement to:
Copyright Agent:   ITfamilyGroup.com,  P.O. Box 5801, Gainesville, FL 32627, United States, ITfamilyGroup@gmail.com
ISP Copyright Agent:  ITfamilyGroup.com,  P.O. Box 5801, Gainesville, FL 32627, United States, ITfamilyGroup@gmail.com

As a convenience to you, the following is the process by which you are required to file a Notice of Copyright Infringement upon either the owner of this Website or our ISP. You must provide written communication that clearly defines the nature of the copyright infringement as outlined below.


We strongly advise anyone considering a potential claim for copyrighted materials to consult an attorney prior to making any legal claim on an infringement of your original works. As a courtesy, we have provided a process to follow to expedite your claim should you feel that an infringement has occurred on this or any other Website that you might discover such an infringement.

1. You should fully identify the copyrighted work that you feel has been infringed upon. This is done by documenting the Website, the page of the Website, the URL, and a screenshot of the page as well as a print out of the page showing the URL.

2. Include a written description of the copyrighted material that you feel has been infringed upon that will accurately describe its nature and content.

3. You must provide the Website Owner and/or ISP with sufficient contact information for yourself and/or your legal representative, enough that will allow the responding party(s) to contact you. As a minimum, the law requires that you provide an active email address and a physical land line telephone number in order for you to be contacted by the Website owner, ISP or party that is allegedly infringing upon your content. This is required so that you can be contacted directly about your claim. We recommend you provide your physical mailing address and/or that of your legal representative so that your claim can be processed most efficiently.

4. We recommend that you always consult with an attorney on important legal matters so that you can be assured that your claim is properly presented; however, you may provide an affidavit similar to the following suggested one that specifically affirms your claim. The following statement (or one similar as prescribed by your legal representative) must accompany your official complaint in order to satisfy the legal criterion associated with your claim: “I hereby affirm under penalty of perjury that this notification for copyright infringement is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. I further affirm under penalty of perjury that I am the owner and/or legal agent of the copyrighted material being infringed upon and duly authorized to act upon this copyright infringement as the legal owner and/or legal agent of same, and that as the copyright owner and/or legal agent of the infringed upon material, that the individual or entity who is infringing upon the material in question does not have authorization or legal right to do so to the best of my knowledge and belief.”

5. Your claim may be sent by email provided your claim includes a proper electronic signature as outlined in Title 17 U.S. Code § 512(c)(3).   If you are uncertain about this, please consult this section of the U.S.C. for precise details in order to present a valid notification of copyright infringement.

Claimed Copyright Infringement Counter Notification Process

The owner or ISP will make a good faith effort to notify you if a notice of copyright infringement is filed against you, and will provide a copy of the notice to you at the last known physical and/or electronic address known.  In the event you have had someone file a claim against you for copyright infringement and you believe in good faith that the plaintiff of such an action is flawed or in error, you have a legal right to file a counter claim against the complaining party(s).   At such time as the Website owner and/or the ISP has received a valid counter claim, present Digital Media Copyright Act allows for any content in question, i.e. blocked content or removed content, to be re-enabled and restored.  Upon your proper counter claim notification to the Website owner and ISP,  the owner of this Website or the ISP shall within 7 business days of notification or as permitted by law, restore the content that has been blocked or removed, unless the Website owner or ISP receive notification that the plaintiff of the infringement has filed an action in a court of competent jurisdiction for restraint of the use of alleged infringed upon content.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You are strongly encouraged to consult an attorney if you are not sure certain material you have published is protected by copyright laws, as the United States government takes copyright infringement very seriously, and the present copyright law of the United States provides significant penalties when a false counter notice is filed in response to a copyright infringement notice.

IMPORTANT LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The foregoing notice has been provided for informational purposes only. It has not been provided for, is not intended as, nor should it be construed as legal advice to the reader. If you feel that your intellectual property rights (copyright, patents, trademark, service mark, etc.) have been infringed upon or if a notice of such an infringement has been filed against you, you should seek competent legal counsel immediately.


Copyright © 2001-2021.  All rights are reserved. The content of this website, including these notices are subject to the copyright laws of the United States and other international copyright treatise. This document, or any portion thereof, may not be copied or used by anyone other than the licensee without express written consent from the owner of the copyright. For information on the legal use of this content for your website, contact: ITfamilyGroup@gmail.com.


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