Affiliate marketing programs are among one of the fastest growing industries on the Internet. Having an affiliate program for your company can literally explode your business's success. Equally so, an affiliate program can put tens of thousands of dollars, even hundreds of thousands of dollars into the pockets of those who become affiliates and market the product or service of a company.

The economy and the severe recession we are now has drawn thousands upon thousands of people into the industry. If you are looking to begin building a monthly residual income online, affiliate marketing is one of the best options you can have to do it. But, with as much competition in the industry that there is, being involved and promoting the right affiliate marketing program makes all of the difference in the world. Indeed, if you are goin to compete, you need an affiliate marketing program on steroids.

Of all the companies that we have seen on the Internet that offers an affiliate marketing program, there is one affiliate marketing program that we feel is the very type of affiliate marketing program that can make an affiliate HUGE amounts of money in a relatively short period of time. The company is getting a lot of media buzz too. Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO) has been around for about twelve years (formerly known as Kiosk). Originally a Canadian company, GVO relocated to San Antonio Texas last year so that they could better serve the bulk of its customers in America. Unlike most 'hosting companies' GVO is a multi-million dollar company that owns their own data center and every aspect of their business that allows them to take their place among the most competitive hosting companies in the industry. But being a debt-free major player in the hosting industry is just one small reason that GVO is changing the landscape of the hosting industry.

GVO's affiliate program is the absolute best offering for anyone that wants to earn an income online. Let's face it. If anyone wants to be online they need hosting, right? GVO allows you to set yourself up with a toll booth on the information highway to make money from anyone that needs to host their Website, but also as a provider for over $350, per month in online marketing tools ( that you can give away for FREE to each individual you refer to their Titanium Hosting package.

The Titanium Hosting package is on steroids!!! You can host not only your Website, but as many Websites as you want. There is UNLIMITED domain hosting with GVO's Titanium Hosting package! Here is where it gets very cool. Not only can you host your own domains, but if you want to offer hosting to others, you sign them up and keep 100% of the profits each month AND GVO PROVIDE ALL the technical support for you. This is really only one way that money is made. There are five other totally impressive ways that you earn income as an affiliate with GVO and they are all even better than this one.

When we say impressive, we really mean to say IMPRESSIVE, since it is FAR MORE than just your typical affiliate program you get for free if you subscribe to the GVO Titanium hosting plan. GVO pays you 50% commission on the first month of every person you directly refer to GVO who subscribes to the Titanium hosting plan and then 5% every month for the life of the customer's relationship with GVO as a hosting customer for the Titanium hosting plan. In an effort to perpetuate the referral process, GVO offers participation in a two by ten Binary Hybrid Matrix compensation plan.

If you are not familiar with what this means, in a nutshell, it means that you will not only be paid 5% per month of every hosting customer that you are directly refer, but for every hosting customer that you are indirectly responsible for hosting with GVO! This sort of affiliate structure will allow you to earn monthly residual commissions on up to 2,046 hosting customers that either you or those who are also working as affiliates place under you once their two immediate marketing positions under them are filled. If you do the numbers on just this one aspect of the compensation plan, you can earn over $4,600.00 per month.

It's actually pretty cool how they do this, and its gaining an enormous following from marketing organizations as a result of people who really want to make a living working from home and marketing online. Did I mention that there are still another three ways that an affiliate earns money through their participation in GVO's hosting affiliate program. Like I said, this is affiliate marketing on steroids. One thing is for sure. The landscape of the hosting industry will never be the same for those who are serious about building an income or promoting their cause online. GVO has definately raised the standard for what a hosting company is all about, and DEFINITELY raise the bar for affiliate programs!!!

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