Choosing the right domain to explode your online business is something that should not be taken lightly. Domain names are central to building your overall personal or business brand. They should be something you choose carefully.  You want to be able to build your website around your company's core purposes and not its name, BUT having a name that reflects the nature of your business can be a valuable tool in helping you generate traffic to your website.

DomainsMost businesses may have a name that represents their legal business name, but they do not have a business domain name that is a description of what they do. This sort of domain represents an intuitive search value.  Intuitive search value in a domain name is one that is a part of a phrase that might be typed into a search engine by someone. Let me give you an example.  Let's say you are a construction business.  If your company name is Built Right, Inc., your primary domain name should most definitely be; however, this name does not really tell someone what you do.

While the name Built Right has a nice ring to it, a company domain name like "" which has what the company does as a part of the name has a greater potential to capture Internet traffic. This is because people that are looking for a 'construction company' or a builder would most likely type in "construction company" into a search engine browser like Google or Bing.  Since most notable search engines look at the name of a domain as a first rule of whether the site is relevant or not to the search, having a name that has 'construction company' in the name is a big plus.

If you are open to considering a slightly different and somewhat unorthodox approach to gaining exposure on the Internet without having to pay big bucks to do it, consider the following ideas the next time you are thinking about buying some domain names:

1) Word of Caution as my number one step! Be careful where you search for your domains when doing research, especially if you do not plan to buy right away. There are some domain registrars (will not mention names here) who skim search queries from their domain search pages and if the domain someone is checking on has potential, they will purchase it through a dummy company or third party who works for the registrar, and then turn around and put it up for sale to the highest bidder it there is an interest in the domain by more than one party. This trend is growing as domains become more and more scarce. This is our domain search tool and where we buy all of our domains.

Every online success story begins with hosting.2) Write out a list of short questions that start with 'how to' and 'where to'  that relate to your business. If you are in the pet industry, you might have a question like, "how to research pedigrees' or 'where to find non toxic pet shampoos' or 'how to trim a cats claws' or 'where to find a cat casserole recipe' (just kidding). These questions that you have come up with may very well be the very questions that an average Internet user might type into a search engine who has the need of finding this information, i.e. (how to research pedigrees) or (where to find non toxic pet shampoos).

3) Now the fun begins. Type these questions that you have come up with into your favorite search engines (Google included) and see what domains pop up with those keyword (key phrases) you have just come up with.  The first thing to do is to check and see how many instances the phrases are referenced. That gives you an idea of how often others write about it where their pages have been ranked on the Internet. Next, you want to visit your Google keywords tool and do a search for that phrase to see how many people search for that in an average month - mainly the current month. This will give you some idea of the amount of traffic potential for the phrases you have chosen.

4) If you like the numbers you see in page references as well as average monthly searches for the phrases you have chosen, take the time to do a domain search for those phrases. Here is why. One of the very first rules in the Google ranking process is the relevance of a domain name to the actual search inquiry done by someone searching for that phrase, i.e. 'where to find a cat casserole recipe' (no, not really... please don't be searching for this). If that key phrase is available, you are on to something that could bring several thousand people to your website if you apply even a few of the other general rules that Google (and other search engines use to rank pages). I personally recommend because of their commitment to give 50% of their profits to causes that help, encourage and empower single moms (one of the highest densities of those living at or below the poverty-level).

5) Once you have purchased the domain, the rest is pretty straight forward. You want to host it with a company you feel offers the best product to promote your Website for the money. One big precaution is to watch out for those cheap "UNlimited" sorts of accounts until you have read the fine print. They are NOT unlimited, and you could very easily have your site either suspended for too much use or have your credit card charged a penalty for abusive use of the system.

6) Start writing content that reflects the very name of your new domain, using the exact phrase in the opening paragraph about 3% of the time. I am not recommending you just slap down the name three times in a row, since Google and other search engines are way smarter nowadays and your site could be banned. Write a well structured, informative article on the subject of the domain name phrase so that you can attract comments on the subject. Comments are a part of community development that search engines like. We recommend that you use the WordPress blogging platform since it is very popular and has most all the widgets and plugins that make your site functional and easy to promote. We set up WordPress blogs for between free and $200 for our hosting clients through a sister company of ours. The going rate for most WordPress blogs is between $300 and $1200 depending on whether you outsource offshort or use a local Website designer.

7) Once you begin to build your content for your new site, you will begin to move up in rankings once you open it up for indexing. Your next step is to build some links to your main Website for your 'cat care products' (playing off of the example of cat-related Websites). I would also suggest that you actually get a short eBook written on the subject that relates to the phrase domain you are using or possibly a newsletter that your visitor can opt in to receive. This will allow you to build your contact list which is VERY IMPORTANT to your success online. If you need assistance in getting this sort of thing set up, you can pay someone to do it for you and administer it, or you can pick up the marketing tools you need to do this on your own which normally come with everything you need to do it. These products range in price from free to $200 per month depending on the volume of traffic you are communicating with. We like and use 'free' since it has all the features of a commercial grade lead capture and e-responder system.

Most of us have heard the old adage, "It's all in the name...," and when it comes to choosing the right descriptive domain name that will give you faster and better page rankings, this descriptive domain name fast traffic building strategy may be just what you need to get paying customers to your Website. Just make sure you have something to offer or sell them when they show up!

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