GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) is a hosting company that is far beyond the competition when it comes to offerings for their hosting clients. It's owner, Joel Therien has a 12 year track of experience in internet marketing and network marketing; and his hosting services reflect that experience in an unparalleled way. Mr. Therien's experience in Internet marketing and his keen understanding of network marketing from a top money earner's perspective has allowed him to develop a hosting service that fully serves the serious minded Internet marketer and network marketer who uses online technology to promote and build their marketing business.

The one single most influential factor that is driving the success of GVO  hosting is its Titanium hosting plan. It sets GVO apart from any of the competition because of a comprehensive suite of online marketing tools that provide everything under one roof for the serious-minded, yet cost-conscious marketing professional. Whether you are an agressive network marketer who is actively building a network marketing organization, an online marketer who is building a network of websites for affiliate marketing purposes, or you are a Website owner with a point of sale ecommerce website where you want to grow your customer base and effectively service your customers, the tools that GVO offers are absolute necessities if you are promoting, building, and maintaining your business online.

There are two main reasons that GVO has gotten so much online media attention. The first is that their Titanium hosting plan offers an individual the ability to host as many domains as you would like to under one single hosting account. Yes, you read that correctly. The GVO Titanium hosting package offers unlimited domain hosting under one single hosting account.

The benefit of unlimited domain hosting with the Titanium hosting plan is a significant reason alone to host with GVO, because you are given the reseller rights to offer privately branded hosting using your GVO Titanium hosting plan and keep 100% (one-hundred percent) of the profits from every hosting customer you provide hosting to. Understandably, this can be worth several hundred dollars a month alone in passive residual income with little or no work on your part to generate it; and it is a turn key business that requires no experience at all to offer it. Everything is provided for you, along with all of the instructions and tutorial and support to allow you to earn a significant amoung of monthly income offering hosting services.

As good of a reason as unlimited domain hosting is, the biggest reason online marketing professionals are flocking to GVO is that GVO gives every hosting customer over $200.00US/mth in free online marketing tools! This free comprehensive suite of online marketing tools was purposefully developed for small business owners, online marketers and network marketers, because everyone that is serious about success online MUST have these tools in order to succeed.

The free online marketing products and services include: an email auto-responder system (e-Responder Pro), a complete video marketing system with opt in pages and the full-featured Easy Video Producer. These tools also include free video hosting, a full-featured audio and video conferencing system for webinars, and a Website monitoring software package that allows you to monitor Websites for uptime, downtime, changes, and updates. This tool alone is worth the cost of the monthly hosting! You can even spy on your competitors and know when they updated their Websites and offers so that you can remain competitive in your online marketing efforts?

OK, we have not actually told you the whole truth here. We said there were two specific reasons that GVO has been getting so much media and marketing executive attention. We lied. There is another reason that is even more impressive than the first two. GVO has built in a free to join and participate in affiliate program for every hosting plan customer who hosts for $10.00/month or more. This affiliate plan offers an impressive compensation plan that complements any other product or service you personally market online.

When we say impressive, we really mean to say IMPRESSIVE, since it is FAR MORE than just your typical affiliate program you get for free if you subscribe to a GVO hosting plan of $10.00/month or more. What our review showed was that if you refer others to GVO, GVO pays you 50% commission on the first month of every person you directly refer to GVO who subscribes to the  hosting plan and then 5% every month for the life of the customer's relationship with GVO as a hosting customer for the hosting plan. In an effort to perpetuate the referral process, GVO offers participation in a 2 by 10 Binary Hybrid Matrix compensation plan, as well as a uni-level compensation plan. When we say that we were impressed, we meant it. We were so impressed that ITfamilyGroup chose to use GVO as well so that we could offer it to all of our customers.

If you are not familiar with what this means, in a nutshell, it means that you will not only be paid 5% per month of every hosting customer that you are directly refer, but for every hosting customer that you are indirectly responsible for hosting with GVO! This sort of affiliate structure will allow you to earn monthly residual commissions on up to 2,046 hosting customers or a totaly of $4,600.00 per month. It's actually pretty cool how they do this, and its gaining an enormous following and marketing organization as a result of people who really want to make a living working and marketing online.

There are actually two other ways that an affiliate earns money through their participation in GVO's hosting affiliate program. The other two are outlined in more detail in the article 'Affiliate Marketing on Steroids." One think is for sure. the landscape of the hosting industry will never be the same for those who are serious about building an income or promoting their cause online. GVO has definately raised the standard for what a hosting company is all about.

About the author:  SD Ward is an Internet and Network Marketer who owns and operates over 30 Websites that market to several different niche markets offering products, services and opportunities related to business, online marketing, health, and fitness. You can read more of him at http://www.sdward.com/about

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