Online marketing success is what all the buzz is online with those seeking to start, build, refine and profit from having an online presence. Online marketing success is what most people who have their businesses online want to talk about most when they contact us.  They are not even as concerned about how their Website looks as long as they can have online marketing success with it.  Sadly, the reality of individuals or companies having online marketing success (only about 3% of those online) is very different from the reality of how many are looking for it (the other 97%).  What makes these percentages even more startling is that the 97% of those who fail to earn a full time living from their online marketing experience are not even aware that they need a reality check in their efforts to be successful in online marketing.

Although we are most actively involved in setting up people's Websites using the WordPress platform, the majority of questions and concerns we have from our clients and customers are questions revolving around online marketing. How do I get it page high page rankings? Where do I learn about online marketing techniques and secrets? How long does marketing online take until you start to make a lot of money?  Unfortunately for most people online, as mentioned just a moment ago, some 97% of those who are attempting to do online marketing will never experience success in online marketing to a place where they are able to earn a full time income in doing it.

But, here is the good news!  If you are someone who wants to make money online whether you have a business or not, or you are a business owner and want to take your business to the next level of success, the fact that you are here reading this article now, and the fact that you are intending on having a Website that you can build your brand through is a HUGE step in the right direction.  Your willingness to take the step of estalbishing yourself online by having a self-hosted website that you can call home on the information highway is the foundation for your successful future in online marketing.

Our goal in working with our clients is to teach them how to fish and not just feed them fish.  Of course, we do offer complete online marketing services for a monthly fee.  These services include hosting, article development, SEO, SEM, and social media optimization, and we will gladly provide this type of service for you; however our greatest success stories are NOT in the fact that we help people get noticed and build a successful brand around what they are most passionate about. Our greatest success is when we are able to find a teachable soul who wants to learn how to do it for themselves, and then they become successful in their own efforts in utilizing what we teach them to do.

Ultimately, if you are willing to learn the fundamentals of online marketing success, put those fundamentals into action on a consistent basis, and be willing to stay current with the latest online marketing tips, tricks and techniques of those who have already achieved online marketing success (measured in tens of thousands of dollars a month), YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL IN Online marketing.

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