Rules for Online Marketing Success

There are two must follow rules for online marketing success that every individual, organization, and business must follow if they want to be successful online.  As much as a person can try to avoid the reality of these rules, the longer they procrastinate in addressing them, the more frustrated and unable they will be to produce the successful results they hope for in their online marketing efforts.


It doesn't matter if it is a thriving brick and mortar business or someone just out of college that needs to present themselves professionally by having their own website with their resume, if you don't follow these rules for online marketing success, you are sunk.

Rule One for Online Marketing Success

The first rule for online marketing success is that you must have your own domain name and your own self-hosted website where people can find you. Using a social media profile, fan page, or business page (as Facebook offers) is like working out of the trunk of your car on the information highway (the Internet). Just as having a physical place of business for a local business in your community is important, having a legitimate address and place of business on the Internet is equally as important. You need a place of business on the information highway if you want to be seen as a legitimate individual or business, regardless of what you are promoting or selling.

Rule Two for Online Marketing Success

The second rule for online marketing success is that you MUST have a way to get traffic to your website if you want to promote who you are and what you have to offer with the world. This is an essential mandate if you are at all serious about being successful online, whether for making money or just promoting yourself or you cause.

Making Marketing Online Work for You

It may have been through any one of several ways: a search engine, advertising link, social media network, webinar, phone application, or even a referral from one of our customers or affiliates, but the fact that you are reading this right now means that you found this website out of potentially millions of other websites that offer the very same technology products and services that we do.  Think about that for just a moment. Want to know why you found our website? You found it as a result of an online marketing strategy that led you to us.

  1. We had a website with information on a subject you are interested in, and
  2. We had a marketing strategy for marketing online to those who need our products and services.

The point is that if you want to be successful in the 21st century, you must include technology in your plan for success. You must have a website (your address on the information highway) and you must have a marketing strategy to get your message, cause, or business opportunity promoted to the world. Would you like to find out how we can help you in finding success marketing online? Does the idea of increasing the power of your personal or business brand and your income or business revenues interest you? We can help you in your online marketing success if you feel that your efforts are not paying off for you.  Contact us today and find out how.

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