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Your Best Opportunity for Success Online

Powerful Internet Marketing Technology You Can’t Ignore

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Those who know me well, know that I seldom actively promote a ‘business opportunity.’ If you visit any of the websites I own or manage, you won’t find obnoxious advertisements, pop-up ads or videos about business opportunities on any of the websites I own. It’s just not how I choose to do business.  This said, I can’t keep this company a secret any longer.  I found a company that I feel is worth breaking my own rules to personally endorse because of my own experience with them.

A Little Backstory

Information Highway Gold RushI have been doing online marketing since 1997 since I built my first hack job of a website to market direct mail marketing products and services. It was so long ago that if you wanted to sell something online, people had to send you a check or money order to buy your product or service. I don’t think anyone had any idea of what the future would hold for the internet. Like most of us who were around on the internet at that time doing Internet marketing, we were all clueless about what was to come in the coming decade. It was the infancy of the gold rush on the Information highway. And, everyone who had a clue about it was making money. As this gold rush evolved, like everything that is good, the competition increased. And, to this day, as the internet is beginning to grow out of its infancy, competition to use the internet to make money remains on the increase.

Ten years into my love of the internet, I realized that as a techno-idiot, I needed some marketing muscle if I was to stay out in front of the pack. After an extensive search for a comprehensive suite of tools, I found just one company out of the several reputable companies I researched that could meet every need I had for marketing my brick and mortar businesses, and my online marketing interests. I needed better tools to generate qualified leads that could convert into loyal customers. I also needed the right tools to be proactive in keeping my existing customers from being stolen away by competitors.

My Find

What I found for all of my online needs was what amounted to a common sense choice for any individual or small business who wants to effectively promote themselves online – whether locally or globally. If you are open to the idea of more successfully marketing yourself or your company online, and building an additional source of passive residual income in the process, and you have a few minutes to read this overview, I believe you will benefit from this article.

My find, Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO), has a 20 year track record in providing web hosting services and online marketing tools which are absolutely necessary if you want to succeed online. Whether you are just getting started in marketing you or your business online, or you are a seasoned online marketing professional, the powerful marketing tools, hosting services and free coaching that you are provided are with out a doubt the very best and most powerful combination of services and opportunity that has come along that even an average individual with no online marketing or business experience can be successful at. What makes GVO a company worth partnering with?

The choice to use GVO for my business and marketing needs were four-fold.

1. Unlimited domain hosting under one hosting account for on low monthly price. The first reason GVO is so worth looking at is that when you choose to partner with GVO, you get a hosting service that allows you to host as many domains as you want to under a single inexpensive hosting account. Whether you have one Website or you have thirty Websites, you can host them all under one hosting account. Think about that for a moment – one hosting account that allows you to host as many of your own domain names (Websites) on it as you want.

2. The right to resell hosting and keep 100% of the profits. Not only can you host your own Websites through your hosting account, but you are given the right to offer hosting as a reseller through your hosting account. This allows you to host other Websites for people and keep 100% of the profits, whether you sell your hosting for $2.00, $5.00, $10.00, or $50.00 a month. You keep one-hundred percent (100%) of the profits from it.

How many of your friends would like to have their own Website, and be willing to host through you over someone they don’t know? Is there anyone that needs hosting that you know of that would not want to host with you if you could offer them the same service as any other company, but provide them with personalize friendly service on a first name basis? This is a no brainer. The best part of all of this is that the way the company is incentive driven, you are able to get your service absolutely free if you like “free”.

3. Free online marketing tools to promote your business. You get a comprehensive suite of absolutely ‘must have’ online marketing tools and website enhancement tools.

  • Unlimited autoresponder email system. This is a suite of email marketing and auto responder tools that allow you to fully automate your marketing and sale process if you want to put it in auto pilot. Just set it up, turn it on, and go surfing (or whatever else you like to do)!  Similar systems cost you as much as $200.00 a month.
  • Easy video producer and integrated video hosting. This is an all-in-one complete video production tool that allows you to make, edit, and publish integrated video right into your Website. If you are in any type of business that needs to have proactive communication with your customers or the buying public, or you need to get your message out to the world on the internet, this is a must have tool you cannot afford to be without if you want to compete in the twenty-first century.  If you want to keep your visitors, supporters, or customers on board with what you have to offer or what you want them to know, video is an essential part of doing this.
  • Complete video marketing system. Video marketing is the new standard for online promotions, marketing, and sales. It is mandatory if you want to reach and engage your market niche. This amazing tool, in conjunction with GVO’s automated email marketing system is without any doubt, the most important part of your overall personal or business brand building strategy.
  • Full audio and video Webinar and Conferencing system. These tools allow you to conduct training, teach, collaborate, promote, and sell.  One of the fastest growing, hottest money making businesses on the Internet is doing Webinars. Whether you just want to use it to get your friends or family together that are scattered around the world, or you want to promote what you have to offer in the way of valuable tools, information, products or services, the GVO conferencing system is the perfect and cutting edge tool to do it with.
  • Downtime and Website Change Monitoring and Spying Software. Ever wondered what your competitors were up to on their Websites? This tool is the perfect solution for doing this. You also get the reseller rights to this software to sell it or give it a way to whomever you want. Software like this rents for $20.00 a month and is sold for as much as $150.00.

4. You are automatically enrolled into the GVO affiliate reseller program. This affiliate program alone positions you in a marketing matrix with other aggressive online marketers who are actively promoting their own network marketing companies to others, but are able to also provide a subsequent income stream to their top producers who are needing online marketing tools like those that are given for free to those who host with GVO.  The links below can take you to where you can learn about the compensation if that interests you. As great as all the free tools are, most people do not join with the intention of marketing the GVO ‘business opportunity’.  Developing a passive residual income through GVO just happens naturally.

Still not sure if GVO is a good fit for you or if you are ready to take you online marketing efforts seriously? GVO affiliates offer everyone the ability to try out everything that we have shared with you here for only $1.00US for day test drive. Please feel free to visit our hosting and online marketing tools Website to learn more at Host Then Profit with FamilyDot or Work with David Ward.

If you would like to discuss any of the information shared here, please write me at ‘dw at’ and I will be back in touch with you momentarily.

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How to Leverage Twitter for Your Success

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Twitter-Tweet1Twitter is an amazing little idea that has changed on-the-fly communications worldwide. It’s basic premise of posting a status message of 140 characters or less was designed for those using cell phone with text messaging capabilities to let their friends know what they are doing or where they are. Yet Twitter has grown from a simple platform of status message communications to that of a full enterprise development opportunity through networking among followers and followers of followers. As a complimenting tool to social networks like FaceBook and MySpace, Twitter gives online marketers a hand up on viral communications. And, this viral communications has given rise to a whole wealth creation process of information and opportunity distribution.

Now a days, anybody who has a product or service of substance can make money by using Twitter. And the cost of doing business using Twitter is minimal, needing only a free Twitter account, a website (in some cases you don’t even need a website), and limited knowledge of how to use social media to aid in your promotional efforts. I have known a few people who simply used their i-phone and an affiliate links system to earn money without even having the need to be ‘online’ or using a computer.

Here are some tips on how to use your Twitter account to earn a living through affiliate marketing programs that are easy to set up and start earning an income.

1) Start building a quality following of people that you find interesting. These are individuals who are not continually promoting some product or service every time they Tweet. Ideally, your best followers are those who have something positive and engaging to say, who have legitimate business interests, and a large contact list (follower list). This is not to say that you do not want to add people who have small followings on Twitter, as those may be as quality of leads as someone who has tens of thousands of followers but very few quality leads, i.e. Twitter list builders using automated Twitter add software to build their following.

2) Do not become a Twitter billboard by only being known for posting advertisements every post you do. This is one of the fastest ways to be UN-followed by people who are looking for more engaging interaction with those they follow. Get to know your followers through direct messaging, reposts, and interaction using the Twitter tools you are provided People tend to trust those they know over those they do not. If you are familiar to your followers for having great content (tweets) and being seen as smart in the area of your Tweet expertise, when it comes time to share something with them, they will be more apt to respond positively to your offer or to promote what you have to offer to their following. Again, avoid plastering people with advertisements lest you be seen as a Twitter Spammer and un-followed.

twitter3) Market products and services that your followers need. The only way to do this is to know what they are interested in. The only way to know what they are interested in is to observe what they are posting about, discover what they are passionate about, and ask what their greatest need is. If you know the needs of those around you and seek to meet those needs, you will become the source they will turn to when they have a need – whether that need is information, services, or products. As an example, if you are a real estate appraiser, see that you post helpful information about your industry that helps realtors in their job, then when it comes time to find an appraiser, they will visit your ‘appraiser network website’ to find an appraiser in their area through your website. Ultimately, knowing the needs of your followers simply comes down to research, whether you visit their Twitter profile or ask them directly. Research rules!

4) Twitter is not about quantity, but the quality of your relationship with people. There are lots of tools to add people to your twitter account automatically, and these tools will enable you to build a following in a relatively short period of time. But, keep in mind that it is the quality of leads one has that makes money and not the quantity of leads you have. I would much rather be following ten thousand people personally, and have 100 followers that trust what I have to say and that I can depend on for information and assistance in their area of expertise who will take my advice and buy from me what I have to offer when I suggest something, rather than to have 10,000 followers who barely know I am there because they have added my through automation and have no idea who I am or what I am doing. Yes, maybe having just sheer numbers of people is potentially profitable if you can get enough of them to look at whatever you are offering, but keep in mind that like any contact list, you must nurture it, refine it, and learn to properly harvest it for financial success if you want to make a living using it.

5) Spend 10 minutes a day building and maintaining your Twitter account and followers list:

  • Follow interesting people who are in your industry or share your passion. You can do this by visiting their Twitter profile.
  • If they have a FaceBook account listed on their Twitter profile, request them as a friend on your FaceBook. In the meantime, write them a message on FaceBook letting them know you are following them and let them know you hope they might follow you if they are adding people they follow to their twitter account.
  • Promote your followers to others through re-tweeting their posts, sending direct messages to them as encouragement so they can become familiar with you.
  • Learn something new about your followers that you can use as a point of conversation with them on Twitter. This will get you noticed to their followers as they begin to post your Tweets and re-tweet you as the relationship grows. This will in turn build your followers list even faster of people that are interested in what you have to say. The key here is to be engaging them in their area of interest or passion.
  • One sure way to build rapport with those you follow or who are following you is to visit their Website and if they have a re-tweet option for the article they have posted, re-tweet the article for them. This only takes 30 seconds to do. Then immediately direct message them and tell them you just re-tweeted the article to your followers, and really appreciated what they had to say in that article. This builds HUGE rapport. Of course, I don’t recommend that you promote articles that are without substance or that are not what you would feel of interest to your own followers. But, when provided with a good article, by all means, promote it to your followers. Your followers will appreciate it as well. Once a person of interest is following you, be sure to re-mention any article posts they send you that you have already read and re-tweeted yourself. This will generate huge favor with them and allow you to become a well respected online marketing peer. This leads to greater opportunity to do business with them in the future.

As you learn to capitalize on the power of Twitter as not only a lead generation tool, but an effective communication and sales tool, you will see whatever business or enterprise you are involved with grow as you become known by your follows as a legitimate voice on the Internet amidst all the clutter and noise that is found online and in social media networks.

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Network Marketing Success Steps and What the Pros Do

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Seventy percent (70%) of everyone that gets into network marketing will either fail or at best just barely pay for the monthly cost of staying active in their network marketing business opportunity. Another twenty-seven percent (27%) will make a very average income, but not enough to leave their full time job and still maintain their present level of income.  ONLY THREE PERCENT (3%) of all those who get involved in network marketing or direct sales, whether online or not, will earn enough money to leave their full time employment and live significantly above their present level of income on long-term basis.

Sounds like a dismal scenario, doesn’t it? Yet these statistics come as no surprise to most insiders in the industry since this is a fairly well-known statistic among network marketing professionals. If you want to be in the 3% of those who get wealthy through network marketing, then learning the network marketing success steps and what the pros do should be your top priority.  There is just no way around it.

This knowledge is especially known among those who DO make money in the industry. But what might surprise you is why only 3% percent of those who get involved succeed and ninety-five percent of them fail.  Simply put, achieving network marketing Success is rooted in that of learning the network marketing success action steps and what the pros do to be successful – and then making a commitment to do it.

Success in network marketing is not founded on rocket science. It is not some top secret formula that only a select few know about and don’t want to share.  If those leaders in network marketing that are making the serious money in the industry could have any one single wish come true in their network marketing success dreams, it would be that everyone they introduce into their network marketing business would be successful to a point that they could work their network marketing business full time and earn a full time income doing it.

So, what’s the reason for so many people failing at network marketing?  It’s the same reason why so many people fail at life in general. Are you ready for this? It’s the number one reason that every network marketing participant that fails does not want to admit.  It is the lack of taking action!  That is it. It is nothing else. It is not poor training. It is not a bad compensation plan. It is not a bad product that no one wants. It is not the economy, not that no one has money, not that the person marketing the product or service has little or not sales experience. It is plain and simply that they willfully choose NOT to take action on what they know they have to do in order to be successful.

If you are still reading this, it means that you are one of two types of people.  You are someone that is involved in network marketing and making a boat load of money, and hoping to learn something new that can help you even more; or, you are a person involved in network marketing that is struggling to figure out how you are going to make your network marketing business work for you instead of you working for it. You might even be someone that is considering getting into a network marketing business and really don’t want to waste time once you do, so you are researching the ‘how tos’ of being successful in this type of industry.  Whatever the reason you are here and still reading this, here is what you want to learn to apply to your weekly schedule in network marketing, and what you want to teach others that you introduce to the network marketing industry.

Remember the reason I just mentioned a moment ago for the most number of failures in the network marketing industry? The lack of action? Well, at the core of this reason is the harsh reality of the sin of procrastination.  When a person lacks a sense of vision for what they are doing or lacks a belief in themselves that they can be as successful as anyone else, they will find every form of excuse and rationale as to why they can’t take action on those things that are important for their success. Ultimately, this mindset robs the very people who need a financial breakthrough in their lives the most of the ability to succeed as they were meant to.

If you are involved in either a network marketing business or a direct selling business, and are presently struggling with the lack of daily action in your business goals, there is hope for you. Here are some immediate action steps you can implement immediately, both in your daily life, as well as two that you can apply on a weekly basis in your present network marketing or direct selling business. If you begin to implement them into your daily routine in the next week, you will begin to see the tide changing for the better as it concerns your success in your business. The more you apply these action steps on a daily basis, and the two weekly steps on a consistent weekly basis, the greater your opportunity to succeed will become. And eventually, you will not be able to stop the ultimate positive affect of their influence on your success.

DAILY ACTION STEPS (3 hours per day total)

  • BECOME A SERVANT AND HELPER – (30 minutes) – Help one person with a personal need that is totally unrelated to your business opportunity, whether that assistance is in talking to them, listening to them, doing some act of kindness for them, or going out of your way to help them, where your action in helping them will allow them to be more successful in their personal or public life. This builds your personal brand as someone who is interested in more than just making money off everyone you meet.
  • INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO PEOPLE – (30 minutes) – People are your source for prospects, so it stands to reason that the more people you get to know, the more possible prospects you have. Spend30 minutes each day meeting new people. With social media being so powerful as it is, this is easily done online through your favorite social media network.  I do however strongly recommend that you engage people in the things they like to do, i.e. sports, entertainment, family, work, school, church, synagogue or mosque. Physical contacts are much more likely to be open and trusting of you than those you meet online who have no idea or understanding of who you are. In those cases, you must work to build the “KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST” factor with them through ongoing communications electronically. Because most people lack the skill and tools necessary to be successful at Internet marketing, this can be a serious setback and lesson in frustration and futility if they attempt to ‘wing it’ doing drive by sales pitches to the masses of people they run across online. In most cases, this sort of conduct will get a person’s profile terminated by the social media network.  This is especially true with Facebook.
  • BUILD RELATIONSHIPS – (30 minutes) – Take 30 minutes a day and get to know the people you have met either in the past or recently through your life and your daily activities. Relationship building is so important in life.  The better our relationships are, the greater our opportunities are for personal success (intellectual, emotional, physical, and material).  Don’t rush the relationship building process. Remember, prospecting is like that of filling a pipeline that carries oil to a refinery. The more you pump into it, the greater production you will have by the time the oil is refined. Also remember that it takes time to get to know people and for them to get to know you (Know, Like, and Trust factor).  When someone knows you, they will most often like you (that is if you are a likeable person).  When a person likes you, they tend to trust you.  Once they trust you, they become more open to what you have to say and what you have to offer; and, once they know what you do, they will most likely want to do business with you over someone else that they don’t know.  Relationships make the difference. Learn how to build healthy and lasting relationships and you will find that success will chase you down and tackle you in life.  Learning to do this online in a systematic automated way can be very powerful. Yes, I said automated. Do you know that you can build relationships in an automated fashion? Doing this online as a result of having taken the time to get to know people you meet on social media networks – enough to discover their needs and desires – will save you a lot of time meeting people for coffee or tea as you are attempting to prospect.
  • COMMUNICATE WITH THE WORLD – (30 minutes) – Email, call, or text at least five (5) qualified prospects – those who you have previously spoken to about your opportunity – each day with at least one fact about or reason why they would benefit from being involved in your opportunity.  A prospect needs to know you are serious and excited, because it will be that commitment and enthusiasm that will motivate them once they are involved. They need to be taught why it would be good for them to be involved, and why you want them to work with you in building their business with you. Remember that the average individual who makes a purchase from a sales representative in direct sales is contacted five times on average by the sales representative before they make a buying decision. Keep the communications short and to the point, informative, and with an invite or call to action to look closer at what you are doing. (15 minutes)
  • ASK FOR A PROSPECT’S HELP – (15 minutes)  Spend 15 minutes a day asking those you have gotten to know over time (whether a week, month or year) aksing  prospects for their help.  As you get to know people and win their trust, it will be a natural thing in conversation to talk about what you do for a living or for work.  When the subject comes up, do not act like a maniac on steroids and jump into ‘used car salesman mode’ or else you will lose both credibility and favor with your prospect!  After they have asked you what you do, give them a 60 second overview of the benefits of what you offer and who is most suited for what you offer, then ask them with every bit of sincerity within you, “Would you be willing to look at what I am doing and then suggest a hand full of people that you know who might fully appreciate what I am offering that I could contact about it, and use your name as being the person who thought they might be interested?”  This ‘reverse prospect qualification’ technique is a powerful, but is a little used sales technique that can explode your business. It builds your prospect list while at the same time positioning the prospect you have just asked the question to for wanting to get involved and capitalize on the positive response that his referrals have had towards your business opportunity. I have seen this in action first hand and by observation and seen 25 or thirty people end up getting sponsored in less than a days time. Use it and be patient in the process – even if it takes you a week to follow up on the leads you have been given.
  • SHARE YOUR OPPORTUNITY – (15 minutes) – Now a days sharing your business opportunity is as easy as inviting someone to watch a powerpoint presentation or video on your computer, or simply referring them to your opportunities replicated website. Share your business opportunity with at least one person face to face, by telephone, Skype, video conferencing, through a webinar or through a direct invite to visit your replicated website where your business opportunity is presented.  Once a person has been exposed, they are a “knowing prospect” meaning that they have the knowledge of what you are doing. Now you must give them understanding about it. This can take as little as a munute or as long as a month of answering questions, revisiting the benefits to them, and revealing the opportunity in a new way.  By the way, this step is a compement of the ‘reverse prospect qualification’ technique.
  • EDUCATE THE WORLD – (30 minutes) – Spend 30 minutes a day educating the world about the benefits of what you have to offer. This could be ideally done through a personally hosted Website where you have a blog or article repository.  I have found that if you educate someone enough about something that is beneficial to them, that unless they have a personal problem with you in particular, they will find it natural to want to learn even more and give serious consideration to what you are doing.  Knowledge is power.  Educate people into success.

WEEKLY ACTION STEPS (Time dependent on methods utilized)

  • Attend a training meeting whether online or physically to learn from others, and to teach others.  In ever instance that you do, invite at least one individual to join you who is in your business opportunity education collecting pipeline. This builds depth of understanding in what you are doing by both learning/being encouraged, and teaching/encouraging.
  • Plan and do one online webinar presentation per week for 5 individuals who have not been exposed to your business opportunity, but have said they would like to learn more. These small online meetings are easy and fun to do; and you can even invite your sponsor or someone in your up-line to do it for you. You need only host it. (If you need a good web conferencing tool, check out the free solution offered by GVO Hosting.  This particular web cast room solution is very easy to set up and to invite people to. It lets you do video, powerpoint, audio, chat, and gives you the ability to record your webinar for future publication. If you feel awkward in doing your first webinar, ask someone with experience in your up-line to do it for you and you simply host it by introducing him or her to your participants. This is a great way to learn and to build confidence.
  • Plan and do one online Webinar training session a week for your immediate personally sponsored downline on the latest training and recruitment techniques that the leaders in your business are using. The first one you do should be with those you are closest to and work with the most who respect you and understand that you are learning just like they are. It is a great way to lead by example, and a great way to build confidence into the lives of others that participate as you call on them to share their experiences and success stories.
  • These Action Points listed above are proven and time tested, and used by the world’s most financially successful network marketing and direct sales professionals; and they are not at all difficult to do. The KEY however is to TAKE ACTION on them, whether you ease into it by doing just one of the daily Action Steps each day for a week and then the following week add another, then the next week after that add another, until you are consistently doing all of these on a daily basis.

The same goes with the weekly Action Steps. IF YOU have something that you personally do that you have found helpful and financially successful that has allowed you to break free from procrastination and to take action, please share it with our readers here in the comments section below. And, if you know others in either network marketing or direct sales, and you have the time, PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE with your followers on your favorite social media networks, like Twitter or FaceBook. Let’s help others realize their personal and financial goals together. Thanks!

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Pyramid Schemes – A Reality to Be Aware of

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Learn to Recognize a Pyramid Scheme so you will not be taken advantage of.

Learn to Recognize a Pyramid Scheme so you will not be taken advantage of.

Pyramid schemes – the reality we all need to be aware of – abound online.  Sadly, they are a reality that we all need to be aware of.  What is even worse is that legitimate businesses that use completely legal methods of peer to peer personal relationship marketing suffer.  There is much controversy about what pyramid schemes really are.  One thing for sure, a pyramid scheme is something that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) frowns upon.

OK, so with this said, let’s clarify the difference between a pyramid scheme and those other things that people are making money illegally in – especially online.  General rule of thumb for a pyramid scheme is this:

1)  They do not offer a legitimate product or service, but only a system by which you can participate in to make money.

2)  You can buy your way in at the top of the pyramid by just paying more money, and then being about to leap past other participants in the pyramid scheme.

3)  You get paid for recruiting and do not derive any income from the actual sale of a product or service.

There is a great deal more information on the subject on the Federal Trade Commission’s Website, but in the meantime, here is a video that may help you better understand the confusion about what is and what is NOT a pyramid scheme.

Love it? Hate it? Share your comments below, and as always, if you find it worth sharing, share it with your favorite social network.

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Marketing Strategy Must Include Moms

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Those businesses that remain in business over the long term are businesses that have a coherent marketing strategy that drives their day to day marketing efforts. Every well thought out marketing strategy includes an analysis for every prospective demographic that a product or service would be ideal for in marketing too. One such demographic that every business or professional marketer should seriously consider is that of moms. The statistics don’t lie. Your marketing strategy must include moms. Here’s why.

There are approximately 82.5 million mothers in the United States alone. Moms make up approximately 44% of the women’s market in the United States. You can probably imagine that if you are going to market anything online and it had no international barriers, that having a product or service that specifically targets moms would be a pretty good idea. Check out these statistics:

  • 47% of spending on clothing is made by moms
  • 48% of all spending on home furnishings are made by moms
  • 49% of all spending on health & beauty aids are made by moms.
  • 51% of all food purchases are made by moms, and
  • 55% of all spending on consumer electronics, believe it or not, are made by moms

Don’t have anything that you think you could market to a mom? If not, start brain storming about what you could market to them. Moms are very loyal customers. Once they find a company that they like, they tend to stick with that company because they value good customer service. Still can’t think of anything that a mom would want to buy from you, and don’t see that happening? Here is one last statistic that you surely should never forget as you move forward in your business strategy.

  • 80% of all consumer purchases in general are made by women

As you work to build and/or refine your marketing strategy going forward, give serious consideration to what you can do to tap into this very loyal and substantially large potential market. If you are struggling with coming up with something, consider hiring a business marketing strategy coach who can best help you to develop and/or refine your marketing strategy.

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Domain Names Search Insights for Success Online

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Choosing the right domain names to explode your online business is something that should not be taken lightly. Domain names are central to building your overall personal or business brand and they should be something that you do not rush into.  Ideally, you want to be able to build your website around your company’s core purposes and not its name, BUT having a name that reflects the nature of your business can be a valuable tool in helping you generate traffic to your website.

DomainsLike many businesses that bring their business online, most do not have a business name that is a description of what they do, so the nature of the name does not have any intuitive value.  Intuitive value in a domain name is one that is a part of a phrase that might be typed into a search engine by someone. Let me give you an example.  Let’s say you are a construction business.  If your company name is Built Right, Inc., your primary domain name should most definitely be; however, this name does not really tell someone what you do.

While the name Built Right has a nice ring to it, a company domain name like “” which has what the company does as a part of the name has a greater potential to capture Internet traffic. This is because people that are looking for a ‘construction company’ or a builder would most likely type in “construction company” into a search engine browser like Google or Bing.  Since most all notable search engines look at the name of a domain as a first rule of whether the site is relevant or not to the search, having a name that has ‘construction company’ in the name is a big plus.

If you are open to considering a slightly different and somewhat unorthodox approach to gaining exposure on the Internet without having to pay big bucks to do it, consider the following ideas the next time you are thinking about buying some domain names:

1) Word of Caution as my number one step! Be careful where you search for your domains when doing research, especially if you do not plan to buy right away. There are some domain registrars (will not mention names here) who skim search queries from their domain search pages and if the domain someone is checking on has potential, they will purchase it through a dummy company or third party who works for the registrar, and then turn around and put it up for sale to the highest bidder it there is an interest in the domain by more than one party. This trend is growing as domains become more and more scarce. This is our domain search tool and where we buy all of our domains.

2) Write out a list of short questions that start with ‘how to’ and ‘where to’  that relate to your business. If you are in the pet industry, you might have a question like, “how to research pedigrees’ or ‘where to find non toxic pet shampoos’ or ‘how to trim a cats claws’ or ‘where to find a cat casserole recipe’ (just kidding). These questions that you have come up with may very well be the very questions that an average Internet user might type into a search engine who has the need of finding this information, i.e. (how to research pedigrees) or (where to find non toxic pet shampoos).

3) Now the fun begins. Type these questions that you have come up with into your favorite search engines (Google included) and see what domains pop up with those keyword (key phrases) you have just come up with.  The first thing to do is to check and see how many instances the phrases are referenced. That gives you an idea of how often others write about it where their pages have been ranked on the Internet. Next, you want to visit your Google keywords tool and do a search for that phrase to see how many people search for that in an average month – mainly the current month. This will give you some idea of the amount of traffic potential for the phrases you have chosen.

4) If you like the numbers you see in page references as well as average monthly searches for the phrases you have chosen, take the time to do a domain search for those phrases. Here is why. One of the very first rules in the Google ranking process is the relevance of a domain name to the actual search inquiry done by someone searching for that phrase, i.e. ‘where to find a cat casserole recipe’ (no, not really… please don’t be searching for this). If that key phrase is available, you are on to something that could bring several thousand people to your website if you apply even a few of the other general rules that Google (and other search engines use to rank pages). I personally recommend because of their commitment to give 50% of their profits to causes that help, encourage and empower single moms (one of the highest densities of those living at or below the poverty-level).

5) Once you have purchased the domain, the rest is pretty straight forward. You want to host it with a company you feel offers the best product to promote your Website for the money. One big precaution is to watch out for those cheap “UNlimited” sorts of accounts until you have read the fine print. They are NOT unlimited, and you could very easily have your site either suspended for too much use or have your credit card charged a penalty for abusive use of the system.

Every online success story begins with hosting.6) Start writing content that reflects the very name of your new domain, using the exact phrase in the opening paragraph about 3% of the time. I am not recommending you just slap down the name three times in a row, since Google and other search engines are way smarter nowadays and your site could be banned. Write a well structured, informative article on the subject of the domain name phrase so that you can attract comments on the subject. Comments are a part of community development that search engines like. We recommend that you use the WordPress blogging platform since it is very popular and has most all the widgets and plugins that make your site functional and easy to promote. We set up WordPress blogs for between free and $200 for our hosting clients through a sister company of ours. The going rate for most WordPress blogs is between $300 and $1200 depending on whether you outsource offshort or use a local Website designer.

7) Once you begin to build your content for your new site, you will begin to move up in rankings once you open it up for indexing. Your next step is to build some links to your main Website for your ‘cat care products’ (playing off of the example of cat-related Websites). I would also suggest that you actually get a short eBook written on the subject that relates to the phrase domain you are using or possibly a newsletter that your visitor can opt in to receive. This will allow you to build your contact list which is VERY IMPORTANT to your success online. If you need assistance in getting this sort of thing set up, you can pay someone to do it for you and administer it, or you can pick up the marketing tools you need to do this on your own which normally come with everything you need to do it. These products range in price from free to $200 per month depending on the volume of traffic you are communicating with. We like and use ‘free’ since it has all the features of a commercial grade lead capture and e-responder system.

Most of us have heard the old adage, “It’s all in the name…,” and when it comes to choosing the right descriptive domain name that will give you faster and better page rankings, this descriptive domain name fast traffic building strategy may be just what you need to get paying customers to your Website. Just make sure you have something to offer or sell them when they show up!

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Two MUST Follow Rules for Online Marketing Success

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Rules for Online Marketing Success

There are two must follow rules for online marketing success that every individual, organization, and business must follow if they want to be successful online.  As much as a person can try to avoid the reality of these rules, the longer they procrastinate in addressing them, the more frustrated and unable they will be to produce the successful results they hope for in their online marketing efforts.


It doesn’t matter if it is a thriving brick and mortar business or someone just out of college that needs to present themselves professionally by having their own website with their resume, if you don’t follow these rules for online marketing success, you are sunk.

Rule One for Online Marketing Success

The first rule for online marketing success is that you must have your own domain name and your own self-hosted website where people can find you. Using a social media profile, fan page, or business page (as Facebook offers) is like working out of the trunk of your car on the information highway (the Internet). Just as having a physical place of business for a local business in your community is important, having a legitimate address and place of business on the Internet is equally as important. You need a place of business on the information highway if you want to be seen as a legitimate individual or business, regardless of what you are promoting or selling.

Rule Two for Online Marketing Success

The second rule for online marketing success is that you MUST have a way to get traffic to your website if you want to promote who you are and what you have to offer with the world. This is an essential mandate if you are at all serious about being successful online, whether for making money or just promoting yourself or you cause.

Making Marketing Online Work for You

It may have been through any one of several ways: a search engine, advertising link, social media network, webinar, phone application, or even a referral from one of our customers or affiliates, but the fact that you are reading this right now means that you found this website out of potentially millions of other websites that offer the very same technology products and services that we do.  Think about that for just a moment. Want to know why you found our website? You found it as a result of an online marketing strategy that led you to us.

  1. We had a website with information on a subject you are interested in, and
  2. We had a marketing strategy for marketing online to those who need our products and services.

The point is that if you want to be successful in the 21st century, you must include technology in your plan for success. You must have a website (your address on the information highway) and you must have a marketing strategy to get your message, cause, or business opportunity promoted to the world. Would you like to find out how we can help you in finding success marketing online? Does the idea of increasing the power of your personal or business brand and your income or business revenues interest you? We can help you in your online marketing success if you feel that your efforts are not paying off for you.  Contact us today and find out how.

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